Digital Media Directions, LLC

Technical, business, and strategic consulting
    in Digital Media Technology
Digital Media Directions is a consulting company that assists its clients with their strategic plans and tactical initiatives related to the fast-changing digital media technology field.

Our consulting work spans a wide range of fields, such as content protection, digital rights management, online content distribution, content fingerprinting and watermarking, high-definition DVD managed copying, 3D home video, digital media entertainment devices, and digital video interface & networking technologies. We represents clients in a variety of technical standards activities, in studio content licensing negotiations, and in cross-industry consortia, such as the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE).

Our clients include large, multinational consumer electronics, information technology, and media entertainment companies as well as small, high-tech digital start-ups. The company also provides business analysis consulting to venture capital and Wall Street investment firms and expert witness consulting to law firms involved in patent and contract litigation.
Past Presentations
NAB Digital Cinema Summit
April 19, 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
Asia Television Forum
December 10, 2008
NAB DCS Conference
April 9, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
dmd_webeasy_site001007.jpg dmd_webeasy_site001005.jpg dmd_webeasy_site001003.jpg
TV Ecosystem Conference
September 2, 2009
San Jose, California